1/12 IZMOJUKI Probe 20WT-SPG (IDA Security Edition)

お待たせしております 1000toys 出雲重機 1/12『プローブ 20WT-SPG (機動巡回警備仕様 - 井田警備保障)』は11月下旬から順次発送開始予定です。商品の到着まで今しばらくお待ち願います!

Shipment of "Probe 20WT-SPG IDA Security edition" will commence in late November. Thank you for waiting!

"I was feeling sorry that I could not offer 1/12 toys to overseas fans because Kickstarter in 2016 was 98% failed. (That is why white type can not be sold for regularity reasons.) So I thank you so much for your purchase. We are considering collaboration products with Toa Heavy Industries parts compatibility with IZMOJUKI art toy series.
Please continue to support us for the continuation of the series.
Junji Okubo"